Step 4:

Congratulations you have made it to the fun part! Whether you are throwing the B.I.G. party for yourself or you are throwing it for your friend, get organized, you want maximum exposure for your B.I.G. party. Think bachelor party; now take it to another level. At a wedding you have a Best Man; for a B.I.G. party, you need a B.I.G. Man. Instead of Groomsmen; B.I.G. Brothers (after all, they probably tried to save you from getting involved with the Bitch in the first place).

However, do not get Bachelor Party and B.I.G. parties confused (See B.I.G Difference). Don't forget at a bachelor party you're being forced to publicly say, "Ladies, I am taking myself off the market. I wish I could get around to all of you but I am promising myself to one person for the rest of my life."

STOP! REWIND! You've got a do over. Your B.I.G. Party is all about announcing to the world that you are back! You're telling everyone you told the Bitch where to go (even if you didn't) and you are ready to party again. No longer are you the one that got away. You are fresh bait again, now go and catch something!

Here is the unapologetic Bitchin' Merchandising link. Blow this party up - you are staging an event, because...

Bitch Is Gone!